Microsoft ends XP (Funnny)

    *This is meant to be funny, I have no money, don’t sue me. A re-write of the Microsoft announcement that XP support has ended.This is what it would say if they told the truth :Dear Bitches,We’ve noticed that no-one brought Porthole 8.As a indication of the kinds of levels we will stoop to in […]

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Scott Smash!

This week in rants (sorry it’s been a while): Your favourite search engine angers me greatly Salesmen, why do they breathe? The lack of mens clothes in shops   The Fall So a certain search engine which I have a love-hate relationship with is at it again. This annoyed me so much: In order to […]

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Google: Being evil!

So I’m increasingly pissed off at Google!First they tell me that paid links are bad, and that I should consider disavowing any which may be linked to my site. So I do and my ranking drops from first page to 5th page. So that was a lie. If it were true that “PAID” links are […]

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Spoilt Brat in Tesco.

WARNING BAD LANGUAGE!   /FML I just saw a spoilt brat of about 7 years old being brought COD:GHOSTS by it’s mother in the shops. Kid threw a massive tantrum, and huffed, and puffed and said “But Steve’s mom brought him it”. She caved in, if this is you: YOU’RE AN UNFIT PARENT! Just no! […]

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Stupid is as stupid does.

There’s always some PERRRRICK who has to write to the tune of: “Ooh he played violent video games throughout the night weh weh weh“.  If this is you, please leave, you are barred from my blog! The people who are of the age to be an editor (and to a slightly lesser extent a reporter) […]

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