Planetside 2 Beta & Thief – Fast Review

Just 2 quick reviews.

The other day I FINALLY got my key for the closed Planetside 2 beta.

I played this game a lot, and really enjoyed it on Steam. To have it on PS4 now is a huge deal for me as it’s one of the finest FPS games I have ever played.
I have re-learned the game on a PS4 controller, something which has not slowed me down (it may be possible to use mouse & keys, I have not checked).
I love how easy the upgrade system is to use. When you play well (not necessarily high kill-count, but playing the objectives) you recieve a token to spend.
At the moment guns and their add-ons cost one token each. Any single weapon plus equipped mods will cost you no more that 5 tokens. Class upgrades
and gear are more expensive.
The maps are enormous! Properly enormous. Various entire continents to explore with 3-way war.
Vehicles are a little tricky to use but required to travel through this game. The quad bike is my personal favourite, as the aircraft are so hard to use (the controlls are silly!)

Quick tips:

Have a look for PS2s youtube channel. They go into great detail on how to play.
Play the objective, that’s the most important thing. If your looking for some piss-poor arcade shooter go play cod, K:D ratio is secondary to how effective your team is, and how effectively you play your class.
If you are getting your ass kicked, try changing class, fall back, flank, and try again fresh.

I have also been playing the reboot of Thief. Wow! It’s got all the best bits from the old game and looks stunning. I am finding it to be a legitimate challenge. Right now I am stuck in the Asylum trying desperately not to get mauled to death by what can only be described as a group of “No no no no no no HELL NO!”

Asylum Freaks

I highly, strongly, and wholeheartedly recommend PS4 gamers should both sign up for the remainder of the closed beta for Planet Side 2, and get the game when it’s released (which wil be free-to-play). Also Thief is £10 atm, so get it while it’s reasonably priced.



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