GTA Online Heists: Too Little Too Late

So, after what feels like a century of waiting for R*Games to get their fingers out of their arses, Heists have FINALLY been announced.
The hype now amounts to a resounding “meh!” from everyone I have talked to about this.
I think Heists update got to a point where many people assumed it was vapour-ware, others are just pissed that it has taken a multi-billion-dollar company with an army of staff this excessive length of time to reach somewhere near completion on one small part of a video game.

So, before this announcement here’s what I assumed R* had been doing instead of working:
Duck-Tales style money fight?
Sitting in a board room saying things like “Synergy” & “Proactive”
Putting saddles on the interns and riding them to Starbucks.
Laughing at our pain.
Playing GTA Online Heists

I also think that Heists will play out in one of 3 ways:
1) It’s massively over-hyped and a bit shit.
2) It’s good, but no-one bothers with it because i took so long to make.
3) I’m wrong, and it’s both great and beloved by all.

I honestly don’t see 3 happening, I think Heists will be a cluster-fuck, and anger many people.
That said, I truly hope I am wrong as I am one of the people who have been waiting forever for this, so I will play the heck out of it.

Rockstar Devs, if you are reading this:
Please please please give me this one small thing:
Survival Creator.
I know what your thinking “Wah Wah people will set enemies to spawn in a barrel and shoot them and get easy 30k”.
That’s easy, demand the spawn points are X amount of meters apart, or have them spawn randomly from the North, South, East, and West of outside the designated playing area.

Are you looking forward to Heists?

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