How to improve PS4. A wishlist

So I got a Sony PS4 just over a week ago, and I really like it.
I love the power and graphics. I love the controller (was an avid 360 fan before this). I will admit there are a few things which have hugely underwhelmed me. Here I list them, and suggest how to fix them.

1. PS+ Free Games.
This may shock you, but I believe 99.99% of indie games are bollocks!
This is probably bad timing on my part, but the free games so far have been shite. Sony have lumped PS4 users with some bullshit top-down pseudo-flash crap indie games which are just terrible. Here’s what to do:
Burn the free PSvita and PS3 games, I don’t want them. Focus on ONE actual free game per month. Doesn’t have to be the latest and greatest, but frankly these shitty Gauntlet clones can fuck off. Why not the Metal Gear Solid 5 warm-up game, or even a TellTale game at a stretch.

2. Make the prices more competitive. You would have to be either a complete tool, or too rich to care, to buy anything on the PS Store. For example I brought Watchdogs last week (awesome game) for £23 from Argos. In the SP Store this game is £60. If you want Destiny its £80+ for the whole game, which is fucking silly! I will ALWAYS rather have a hard copy of a game over a digital copy, and when Sony are taking the piss with their hilarious over-pricing of games it’s and easy decision to make. If the prices in the PS Store were competitive I would maybe consider it.

3. Sort the wheat from the chaff. The PS Store is chock-full of crap indie games, which you wouldn’t be surprised to find for free on sites such as Newgrounds. Games like Dust, Fez, and Hotline Miami are at best something to do while the REAL games patch  These weak-sauce games need 2 things to fix them. A. Put them in an entirely separate section away from the real games, and by real games I mean the ones I brought the console to play. GTA, Watchdogs, Planetside 2 (when it comes out), Battlefield etc. B. FUCKING STOP TRYING TO FUCK US! Charging £9.99 for some b-grade game is ridiculous. Ideally these games should be free, as that is what they are worth, At most they should cost no more than £5.

These aren’t big changes, I for one would spend much more money on games if they made these changes.

I’ll end on something I adore:

Whoever was sat at Sony playing games on Steam and spotted the potential of Free-To-Play games is a legend! I love having a stock of FTP games. I know a lot of people have a grizzle at the in-app purchases. But frankly, if I like a game I WILL spend money on bits! On Warframe I have paid for new weapons, on Blacklight I permed (to make permanent) an LMG. On Defiance I paid for DLC to get a sword. Doing this supports the devs directly. I am chomping at the bit waiting for Planetside 2, APB Reloaded, & H1Z1 the former 2 I played on steam and loved. These games are largely why I picked the PS4 over the Xbox One.

Image belongs to Jim’ll Fix It. Follow him on the facebooks!

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