Sixty-four stole the goods.
Sixty-four makes people shiver.
Sixty-four is often one floor above you.
Sixty-four is like a summer breeze.

A glittering gem is not enough.
A glittering gem is omnipresent, much like your mother.
A glittering gem would kindly inquire something about you.
A glittering gem revels in authority.

Too long a stick shakes beliefs widely held.
Too long a stick visits Japan in the winter.
Too long a stick bathes in sunlight.
Too long a stick is nonsensical, much like me.

Abstraction is not enough.
Abstraction wants to go to hell.
Abstraction loves a good joke!
Abstraction could please even the most demanding follower of Freud.

A shooting star tests the thesis that your theorem would unleash.
A shooting star lies ahead, what with the future yet to come.
A shooting star sickens me.
A shooting star gambles with lives, happiness, and even destiny itself!


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