The Words Most Expensive Retired MP Daycare *Terrible Language*

Sleeping Lords



This is a document detailing how much of our money the house of lords wastes. If you don’t know what the house of lords is: It’s a big room, with brown sofas, where elderly politicians go and fall asleep, and fart, and drool, and ultimately fuck us all over. It’s out of date as an institution, it’s a giant black hole of shite which we do not need.
An example of the kinds of waste in this document:
December 2013
Lord Best, Yorkshire.
Attended 12 Times
£482 “Additional Travel Costs”
£368 “Rail/Ferry/Coach” costs
£34 “Car”

So this guy gets a massive £4484 per month for napping, and farting.

If he continues to work 3 half-days a week. He’ll get £53’808. £

I work 40 hours per week, and get paid very slightly above minimum wage, regardless of the fact I do easily 3x the amount of work I did since starting and have had NOT ONE FUCKING PAY RISE IN 3 FUCKING YEARS.
I get paid Friday, I don’t go anywhere or drink or anything fun over the weekend.
Come Monday, I always have NOTHING left.

Why do I have to suffer and work my hands to the BONE when this cunt gets to sleep and fart and drool and get £53’808. Fuck MPS Fuck Lords. I’ve had enough of all this bullshit, haven’t you?


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