Sixty-four stole the goods. Sixty-four makes people shiver. Sixty-four is often one floor above you. Sixty-four is like a summer breeze. A glittering gem is not enough. A glittering gem is omnipresent, much like your mother. A glittering gem would kindly inquire something about you. A glittering gem revels in authority. Too long a stick […]

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The Words Most Expensive Retired MP Daycare *Terrible Language*

Sleeping Lords Link:…/holallowa…/hol-expenses04/201314/ This is a document detailing how much of our money the house of lords wastes. If you don’t know what the house of lords is: It’s a big room, with brown sofas, where elderly politicians go and fall asleep, and fart, and drool, and ultimately fuck us all over. It’s out of […]

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